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​It's always a good day to recover. It's always a good time to let go. There's always a moment to pause. 


Change takes time, patience, and most of all: dedication. When you commit yourself to the process, you allow yourself to reach your full potential. The Treatment Room a massage therapy practice that provides a one of a kind experience to those on the table. By combining Eastern medicines with Western practices, we've got what you need for optimal recovery, bodywork, and preventative maintenance. Our therapists are highly trained in their specialties and bring their intuition and integrity into every session.


Wellness is about understanding the balance we must give to life itself, and then creating the space where we need to bring forth those changes. As your practitioners, we cannot create the magic for you; we can simply create it with you. We will provide all necessary bodywork, however, it is up to you to integrate that work into your daily routines. Only then, will you see how powerful simple changes can be. Together, we will review your specific goals to create a plan that works for you as well as challenges you to reach greater heights of pain management, freedom of movement, internal health,  and strengthened connection.

This work takes time. No one massage is a cure-all and, respectively, we don't aim to relax you. We aim to help you. If you find relaxation in our sessions, we are thrilled! However, our focus is on your health and helping you get to where you want to be. You have a life to live! We strive to see your independence restore when it comes to feeling confident listening to your body and being able to know what it needs, how much it needs, and when it needs it. We prefer to get you on a cycle of active massage, so you can really soak up the benefits of optimal release giving you the chance to move from injury recovery sessions into a maintenance program. 



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