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My name is Ashlyn Zynnia Campbell. I started Healing Integrative Wellness in October 2016, after leaving 3 seasons in Major League Soccer as a Sports Therapist and pursuing my dream of finding a way to integrate the injury recovery world with the energy healing world. As an intuitive person, and a lover of sports and spirituality, I bring my knowledge of functional movement, with a deep understanding and connection to energy work, to people's sessions and show them how to create a well-rounded sense of wellness and recovery, on their on time and in their best self-confidence.


I've been a Massage Therapist since 2013 and over the last decade, I have found freedom in my body and spirit by releasing trauma from the body and gaining more strength in my self-care. I know that if I can do the work and feel better in my mind and body, that there are others searching for real relief and healing as well. The language of the body and spirit is the language I speak the most. Part of my ability in this life, is understanding how injury, trauma, and unresolved feelings can manifest in the body as knots and sources of pain and dysfunction or ailment. I am a conduit of energy to help you and your body's journey towards reconnection. With my knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, and moving by way of Intuitive sight, touch, and sound, I will help you uncover what's going on internally, and translate for you, what your body is trying to communicate with you. Your sense of freedom is my only goal. 


I use a combination of massage and bodywork modalities such as structural, sports massage, and deep tissue alongside intuitive touch and guided breath work to help facilitate your body's release of blockages, stiffness, and disconnection. I cleanse the space before you enter it, and we choose the music that best aligns with what the session is calling for. The entire environment is dedicated to helping you utilize letting go. 


It is my honor to do what I do. I want everybody to know they are welcome in The Treatment Room. I value your needs and your safety, and share with you, your right to know and understand the signs of language from your body. Your body's empowering ability to heal itself is profoundly real and as your facilitator, it's genuinely my pleasure assisting your way on your journey.

Above all, you are getting the highest level quality bodywork with the most sincere translations and guidance I can offer that will support your connection to your Power. 


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