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Behind The Hands

My philosophy of healing revolves around one central idea:  to bring honesty and care to massage therapy, and help you understand what's going on with your body, and how it relates to your overall health. I hold a sacred philosophy around massage and bodywork. I love the way our body can release surface aches and pains in one session, and deep rooted causes through continued work. Taking the intuitive approach,  we find the process of letting go of the pain in our bodies ,  transfers into our ability , to let go of the pains in our life.  

I've personally been misdiagnosed and medically mistreated a few times, and one of those times it almost cost my life.  I was in the last five months of my massage training. I woke up from a nap with my entire right arm swollen three times its size and as purple as a bruise, all the way down. . My mom drove me to a doctor who unfortunately got my name wrong, and didn't look me in the eye when I was trying to understand and get the care I needed. He sent me home and with an impinged nerve; told me to put heat on it and massage it, which is how I learned that I massaged turned what I really had, a blood clot, into a pulmonary embolism. Three days later I found myself at a new doctor and was properly diagnosed and sent into emergency surgery. She answered every medical question I had which eased my anxiety, and kept me apprised of all that was going on, which helped me feel safe and taken care of.  


Being overlooked by someone who is supposed to have your health and well-being as their priority is a relatable experience that can make seeking care when you pull a muscle, have a headache, or suffer from chronic pain an area of anxiety. Having the right guidance helps, which brought me to alternative medicine and what has made me the practitioner I am. My story has lead me to a clear vision of the ways in which I can help people feel more empowered over their own health and well being.

It is my sole mission to always provide honest and whole hearted bodywork. I enjoy and respect the anatomy of the human body, and find honor to therapeutic touch. You deserve a professional that will listen to you, support you, and include you in the process of your body's health, let you pick your own music, and ask a thousand questions, or be completely silent.

It's your session.

That doctor showed me the kind of massage therapist I wanted to be. I believe in helping you know the strength in your body. I believe in including you in the process of your own pain recovery and release from what's holding you body back from where your body wants to be.

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