Behind The Hands

I believe in one core belief: life is all about signs and symbols. If we pay close enough attention, we will open ourselves up to the idea that our lives are totally interconnected to everything around us, in a very unique and particular way that keeps us aligned with who we are and why we're here. That means, each person will use their senses differently, move differently, and evolve differently. Because each person has a different purpose, each person will receive a different treatment, even if it's in the same category. Both in life and massage therapy.


It's no different with bodywork and massage. When we get injured, it's usually because we missed all the previous signs that warned us. The human body is an intelligent machine, and if listened to and valued, can prove to tell us everything we need to know about ourselves and our health. When you begin to identify and listen to your intuition, you strengthen your self-awareness, which is key to your transition into a healthier, stronger, pain-free you.

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