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Massage & Bodywork 

I work within a wide range of chronic pains and dysfunctions that don't stop short of carpel tunnel syndrome, athletic injuries, neck injuries, whiplash, frozen shoulder, TMJD, plantar fasciitis, joint pain and arthritis, and hip misalignments. 

I focus a lot of client homework around re-patterning and posture awareness exercises. I love pushing my clients to tap into deeper parts of their strength, athleticism, and sheer willpower to breathe through it. 

Massage & Bodywork:



Craniosacral Therapy

Injury Recovery  

Sports & Athletic Maintenance

Orthopedic Assessments

Intuitive Guided Bodywork

Deep Rhythmic Swedish

Self-Care Consultations

Re-patterning Exercises

Posture Evaluations 



"I have gone to many therapists and there is no one like Ashlyn. She really gets to know your body. She gives you educational explanations on what she's feeling in your muscles. My husband and I live in Idaho and will still only go to her." 

- Mikele H.

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