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Massage & Bodywork 

I work with a wide range of chronic pains and dysfunctions that don't stop short of carpel tunnel syndrome, athletic injuries, neck injuries, whiplash, frozen shoulder, TMJD, plantar fasciitis, joint pain and arthritis, and hip misalignments. 

I also work with a wide range of spiritual healing modalities, like energy clearing and space cleansing, Reiki and 13th Octave healing, pulling cards and lighting candles with you, doing shadow work with you if there's anything you are trying to let go of, heal from, or confront; we tap into it pretty deeply via the body, music, and intuitive shamanic guidance from the unseen.

I focus a lot of client homework around re-patterning and posture awareness exercises. Pushing my clients to tap into deeper parts of their strength, athleticism, and sheer willpower to breathe through pain and alchemize their energy is one of my main goals. I am a big fan of taking the work in layers and allowing the body a space to release what it's ready for. 

Prenatal First and foremost, we love babies, and are here to support your birthing one. One hour sessions, medium soothing pressure dedicated to helping you through the painful process that is, the miracle of creating a human being inside of your womb. You are our top priority, Mom, and this session is all for you and baby. 

Acupressure One hour of total stillness for your body. Quietly working, face up, to balance the acupoints that are apart of your body's energetic disruption. We follow a pattern specific to what we pick up on during the intake you share. Afterwards, we talk about together, ways you can create more internal balance. 
Reflexology Thirty minutes of pure unadulterated relaxation. This might be the most relaxing service I offer... done in full proper reflex protocol, this is a true blue reflexology session working through every point on your feet and hands, but less hands and more feet. This session can be done alone or added onto others. 

Trigger Point This session is predominantly focused on a single area. Please remember to breathe (in and out), and the safeword is: Graham Cracker. I'm here with you every step of the way, listening and unraveling this menace one roped tense knotted muscle fiber at a time. Did I mention to remember to breathe out?
Injury Recovery This is my speciality! I live here. Thrive here. This is the reason I became a therapist. These are my favorite sessions above all else, no offense to the other modalities, but this one right here is my heart and soul. There are so many ways to describe what an injury recovery session is all about.. so here it goes: We start at your primary injury/pain concern and let anatomy + intuition lead the rest of the way. What happens in these sessions is a beautiful and epic unveiling tory your body tells us, about how your injury came to be there. It shows us all the points in your body you thought were unrelated to each other, and paints a very clear picture of how those points were networking with each other to get your attention, and ultimately, delivered what it delivered: injury, pain, ailment, etc. The purpose of every session is to help you be in your body more comfortably. The purpose of this session, is to search and destroy... with love, care, a deep exhale. 

Post Surgery Recovery Every one of these sessions, booked closely together, falls into a recovery protocol over a few months period. This session is focused solely on your road to betterment with your body. Surgery is a special kind of trauma to the body, so giving it the same kind of gentle and encouraging love we'd extend to a child is the best approach to helping the body feel secure throughout the process. The body is so delicate after surgeries, because it goes against what the body had intended for us. ("I didn't mean to hurt them, I just wanted them to notice my pain", said the body) Gentle unwinding, frictioning scar tissue, range of movement passive stretching, and posture work in alignment with honest conversations about your habits and patterns and how to build upon them with healing.

Craniosacral Therapy The lightest pressure session, along with Acupressure. While Acupressure focuses on the balancing of your energetic meridian pathways, Craniosacral focuses on the Skull, Spine, and Sacrum of your body to balance the Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in your spinal cord and throughout the body. This session is especially helpful for chemical imbalances, whiplash, concussions, autism, PTSD, headaches, migraines, vertigo, chakra balancing, TMJ-D, and beyond.

Sports & Athletic Maintenance My first love in Massage. I've worked with more athletes than anyone else in my career. From professional athletes to community kids' sports, I am ready, willing, and able, to help you get your body where you need it to be for game day. I'm your body's biggest fan; I want you to crush them (with love) mercilessly, while taking your victory to new heights. Whether it's a team sport or individual competition, these hands are here for the fast-paced muscle tissue warming up and toxin releasing you need before that moment of conquest and conquer. Stretching and at-home routine recommendations to aide your peak performance is always given and talked about in these sessions, so never fear! We're rooting for you and your body's success. 

Intuitive Guided Bodywork Ahhh...... did you hear that? The sound of Nothing. The place of neither here or there. Nothingness. Stillness. Absolute. Quiet. The place where we go when we are dreaming and we leave our physical body to rest in the emptiness of space and time altogether. This is where our happy place lives. This is where our Peace sits, and our Higher Self resides. This is the place everybody wants to know about.... it's always right here. If you're unable to find it in your current environment, please, come make yourself at peace here. This is what the table is here for. Come, collapse. Drool. BE and Breathe. These sessions go anywhere from 90 minutes to 5 and a half hours. It is believable magic that happens during these sessions, depending on what your goal is. Some just want to release the tensions I've written about above; others are seeking that depth of psyche that is hidden throughout the layers of tissues in the body. Every pain has a story. Every ailment has a reason. Every thing about us has a specific reason that is unique to us and our particular spiritual journey. This is where we let the body guide us. 

Deep Rhythmic Swedish Back at UCMT, 

In Person or over the phone:

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"I have gone to many therapists and there is no one like Ashlyn. She really gets to know your body. She gives you educational explanations on what she's feeling in your muscles. My husband and I live in Idaho and will still only go to her." 

- Mikele H.

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