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For the Most Part, Bodies Are the Same.

The Human Being.

It came with one design and two variations.

Each Human Body, in all of creation, is designed to have a torso, a head, a heart, organs, skin, a brain, 60,000 miles of blood vessels, and fascia connective tissue when alive, is stronger to cut than steel.

Each Body generates laughter when tickled. Each Body also takes tickling as a sign of torture, the laughter is just a manifestation of our discomfort masking itself. Each Body does it.

Each Body pulls up its Levator muscle when it is cold as a protective mechanism. Only the Conscious Mind pulls it down and channels the sensation through the breath, in deep inhale and exhale circulation, until enough temperature regulation has been generated.

Each Body has Intuition, and it uses it on us every second of every day with or without our awareness. It is the most quietest voice in your body. Because it is the voice of Your Body. To hear it, you have to quiet your mind soooooooooooo low, that you can hear your own magnificent firm, quiet, whisper of Truth.

It does not negotiate, it is never negative towards you, and it is never wrong. Ever.

Each Body has a unique manifestation protocol of disease, dysfunction, injury, and illness that is totally custom to whatever Soul inhabits it, with whatever Soul Karma it has collected through lifetimes of existence. How we hurt, has a lot to do with How we Learn. Read that again....

How We Hurt, is How We Learn. We wouldn't be kinder if we didn't know mean behavior. We wouldn't know how to bite our tongue if we hadn't experienced the effects of what someone's words can do to us. We wouldn't know honest conversations if we didn't experience stories of lies.

And for the most part, billions of us don't know how to take care of our bodies, because it wasn't conditioned to do so. Most of us feel unseen and unheard because we ignore our bodies reminders for water, sleep, and rest. Most of us still wonder why we have no free time when we are the ones making our own calendar. Most people who walk into a massage room believe they are fine operating on 32 ounces or less water a day, and part of that is the water they count that goes into their caffeinated coffee or tea. If there is one thing the Body doesn't do - it's negotiate.

The Body does its job at no matter the cost. You can starve it, abuse it, break it, replace pieces of it, take blood out of it and put more in, and it will keep going. That is what makes it miraculous. What makes it humbling, is that it will never negotiate with us about what it needs - it will simply adapt if those needs are not met. Though, we don't get a say in how it adapts - it comes with its own unique manifestation protocol of disease, dysfunction, injury, and illness. It will pull from any one of these options to start with. It starts low and goes slow, just like your favorite Crock Pot recipe.

The more it gets ignored, dehydrated, starved out by GMO's, Corn Syrup and Fruit bars > Real Fruit, whole and organic foods, root vegetables, greens, water, stretching, rest; the more and more you without a doubt, no matter who you are or what life you come from, start to deteriorate. Your mental clarity will decrease, your lips will become dryer, and your irritation levels will rise within just 3 days of drinking less than 32 ounces of water: this is just the beginning when the body is starving for Water. By day 5, 6, and 7, the Body actually starts tightening up and shutting down muscles it doesn't actively use like your ankle strength, your obliques, your upper chest and clavicles, and start sending more blood to places like your Brain and Heart to keep it pumping with enough oxygen. Speaking of that, your breath will become even more shallow than usual, because we were also not conditioned to use our lungs properly or sit properly in ergonomic design that supports our blood vessel and nerve ending patterns.

By the second week drinking less than 32 ounces, you will have daily stress reactions you wouldn't otherwise. Your Body is in starvation and survival mode. It will not want to workout or exercise because it cannot afford to lose that much sweat, so you will not receive the chemical signal and motivation to exercise. Your skin will sag. Your muscles will begin to atrophy. You will begin to eat more, because the Body is sending signals to get to food and water access, although when we are in this long of dehydration mode, the Body is not inclined to look for dark leafy greens or ancient grains, it is looking for FOOD. Any food! It is not picky when backed into a corner. Our Conscious Mind is the one who has the Willpower for us to push through and pick the broccoli, but we don't have enough of that Willpower generated when we are in this state, because there is not enough oxygen flowing to the Brain, because there is not enough water flowing through the body. Period. This is where we might tend to pick up the greasier options, the fried options, and the chocolate options. It has sugar! Sugar pushes the Body through when it cannot go itself. Sugar is the same thing as Cocaine and Crack when ingested.

It's just one green light, as Charlie Sheen would say, "I have only one speed: GO."

Our country has conditioned the people in it to work hard, each sugar and processed food, clock in over 60 hours a week and suffer from low income. There is a better way, and your Body didn't sign up for that abuse, and you ultimately didn't either; nor do you deserve it; nor is it good for your Health. I don't have to know who you are to know that you deserve better and so does your Earth chosen vehicle.

Our Bodies are masters at adapting to their environment. We have enough blood vessels to wrap around the planet 3 times and we are made out of as much percentage of water as the planet Herself. Without water, our systems dry up. Poof goes the collagen, clarity, and calmness. Welcome in, panic and anxiety and depression. Disease loves dehydrated bodies because they can thrive with your gunked up toxins that can no loner be carried through the blood stream because you done gone and turned your oasis into the Sahara! And we still have the audacity to blame the thing inside the doctor or massage therapist's office.

"I don't know why my body won't heal" (I am not connected to my body. I have no idea what to do.)

"I would love to heal, if only my stupid body would get on board." (I am not accountable for my own undertaking of wanting to heal and get better.)

"I am trying to heal! But tell that to my limbs, they don't do anything anymore!" (I am running out of excuses for why I am not doing what I know my body needs. I am scared I've wasted too much time.)

"Nah, I've tried this and that, but my [body part] just quit on me." (I've accepted the limitations I have given my body. I don't trust the process and I lack the ability to put down my need to control.)

These are two completely difference sentences that I always hear at once when someone is in my office. Over the last 9 years and 12,000+ hours of hands-on work; I have heard the stories of hundreds of bodies, despite what their drivers say. Even my body does it! I am not exempt y'all. My Body will make me listen if I am not. When I am in pain, whether it be emotional or physical, I want to sleep all day, stay in one place all day, and reserve my energy for ruminating on my pain. At least that's what my Ego wants. I want to eat Big Macs and cereal with cow's milk and bowls of Orzo like it's going out of style. That is my Body's trauma response. Hold the water, but pass the Sprite, am I right?

No! You're supposed to tell me no. I am wrong. I should not feed my Body's trauma responses and comfort zones in those moments and neither should you. How we Hurt, is How we Learn, and those moments call for deep truth and compassionate self-talk off the ledge and into any piece of real and organic fruit at the very least. Our Bodies are not designed to wither away. Our Bodies pick diseases that manifest directly from the way we ignore it, the way we respond or adapt to Trauma, and the way we unconsciously choose to live out our karmic cycles.

Everything that happens within us, around us, to us, for us, are lessons for the journey that are peril and important for our Soul's evolution. What we don't learn, we'll return and try again until we reach Perfection.

The reason why we cannot ever and will not ever reach perfection in the Human World is because Humans are not designed to be perfect. They are designed to experience. They aren't designed for overworking, depression, and disease. They are designed to breathe and play and sit and move!

Every single Body,

is designed to thrive.

Every Body is designed with lungs that and a diaphragm that generate enough Breath to actually blow right through a Trigger Point, a knot, and a heartache. It is enough, when stuck to just following the breath, to calm down and regulate the Nervous System, balance out and settle down the Flight, Fight,Freeze or Fawn response, and can even process a huge emotional trauma right through the Heart Chakra and out of the Body, forever.

Read that again.

Don't ever forget, that you are the most worthy thing in your own life.


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